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Pricing Overview

All four models are priced similarly and the pricing varies with the materials used in construction. 

Colored fiberglass both sides - $850.00

Clear fiberglass with most veneers on both sides - $900.00

Carbon on back, fiberglass on belly - $950.00

2 x Carbon , Carbon on both sides - $1,000.00


Two-piece bow with bow bolt feature - $250.00


Please review the provided information and pictures.  When you have decided to order please contact me to discuss the custom longbow that will fit your needs.  I am looking forward to building you the best longbow possible and I strive for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Production and delivery time varies, so please ask this detail when ordering. 

All custom bows require a $200 non-refundable deposit before start of production.

Shipping Costs
Shipping and insurance within continental US via USPS - $ 40.00 (Subject to change. Call ahead to confirm shipping price)

Payment accepted - credit card, PayPal, or personal check.

JT Traditional Archery Five Year Limited Warranty

Please contact us with any warranty issues before returning bow.

Bows are covered under a five year warranty that covers materials and workmanship.

Warranty dose not cover bow finish, string or accessories.

Customer is responsible for the shipping cost to our shop and for any damage during return shipping.

Enclose with return, contact information

Claimant must be original purchaser.

Warranted bow will be repaired or replace at our discretion.


Warranty is void if:

Failure to properly use a bow stringer.

Bow improperly braced. Do not exceed 8 ½ “ brace height.

Incorrect weight arrow. 8 grains per lb. of draw weight minimum.

Improper storage of bow. Don’t store in hot vehicle or stand bow on end for long periods of time.

Any misuse or abuse that is evident.

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