Longbow Overview

Welcome and thank you for your interest in JT Traditional Archery.  I am currently building three models of Reflex/Deflex Longbows. 



JT Longbows are designed to be quiet, fast, accurate and have a smooth draw.


All bows are constructed with stabilCore laminated between precise laminations of tapered bamboo.  You may choose from combinations of colored fiberglass, clear glass over wood veneers or carbon for the limb back and belly.  The 2X Carbon or carbon back and belly are the most popular, and for good reason.

Carbon Fiber Limbs

  • Bows are quiet, accurate, and fast.

  • Carbon limbs are more efficient than other materials, ridged without the lateral movement upon release.  The limbs are not as affected by string oscillation or poor release, making the bow more accurate compared to the same models in glass combinations.  Carbon makes a very forgiving bow.

  • Carbon limbs are noticeably faster and very quiet.

  • Durable and Reliable – Carbon has been used in the construction of competition traditional and target bows for years.



  • Limbs- Carbon or Glass available or combinations of the two

  • Limb Cores- Standard Bamboo or foam with “stabilCore” centers

  • Risers- Many woods and materials on hand and available.  Exotics, G 10, LInen Phenolic, stabilized woods.

  • Tips- G-10 tips standard with matched wood overlay.

  • Grips- most grip styles can be built with my design.

    • Low, Medium, High Wrist

    • Narrow, Medium, Wide Throat

  • All bows come with a custom thumb rest and palm swell that fits the hand and aids in accuracy to duplicate hand placement.  This option can be omitted if specified.

  • All bows come with a handle overlay that is smoothly rounded and beautifully faded into the back lamination.

  • The Arrow shelf is radiused and cut to center for optimum performance and ease of tuning. Bows with G10 I-beam or Linen Micarta built into the riser can be cut past center if requested.

  • All bows are professionally finished with several durable coats of satin finish.

  • Bows come with arrow rest string and bow sock.


An aggressive reflex/deflex .

longbow that is shorter without the short bow attitude.

It is very smooth to draw, fast, accurate and quiet yet still very maneuverable.

Available length 56 inch and 58 inch.  The 56 inch draws smooth to 30 inches.


Reflex/Deflex longbow.

Forward handle design.

Very fast, quiet and forgiving.

Available length 60 inch and 62 inch.


Reflex/Deflex longbow.

Shorter version of Apollo.

Smooth even at longer draw lengths.

Available length 56 inch and 58 inch.


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