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My name is John Tussing and I have had a love of traditional archery since I was a very young child growing up in rural Iowa.  I successfully enjoyed shooting and hunting with traditional archery gear.

Now, 40 years later, I had the inspiration to go full-time and start a business building high quality longbows after I built my first carbon backed longbow.  I knew I could add this amazing product to my existing bow models and share the benefits with others at a competitive price without the sacrifice of high quality.


This was not and still isn’t an easy journey.  I have been blessed by the support of my wife, family and the support of other bowyers and suppliers.  Most importantly I have the support of you and the people that are keeping this tradition alive.  If you have ever attended a traditional archery event you understand you are surrounding yourself with like-minded people of a tight knit community with strong family values.

Thank you for your interest in traditional archery.

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